Assam: Goat gives birth to baby with ‘human like’ offspring leaving villagers stunned

A goat gave birth to a human-like face in the Gangapur village of Assam’s Cachar district.

The goat gave birth to a deformed hairless baby that looked like human features- eyes, nose and mouth but its ears were like those of a goat. It had only two limbs and no tail, according to a report published in Sentinel Assam.
The baby goat died shortly after birth. The incident was reported from Gangapur village which falls in Dholai Vidhan Sabha constituency in Assam, India.
Some locals believed that a mutant birth is considered as a “sign from God”
“Indian goat gives birth to ‘humanoid kid’ with baby-like features which included two limbs.

This occurred at Gangapur village in Dholai Vidhan Sabha constituency in d north-eastern state of Assam, India. Twas believed by some locals that this is a “sign from God”, read a tweet from the handle @oluspicyinspire.

The goat, owned by Shankar Das, also gave birth to another baby which was normal and healthy, Sentinel Assam reported.

Das was shocked to see the baby goat as he had never witnessed the goat with an unusual appearance. The baby goat left people to feel astonished due to its human-like offspring.

As the news of the ‘Humanoid Kid’ goat spread, locals rushed to the house to catch a glimpse and they can’t believe their eyes that something so bizarre could exist.

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