Chubby Cheeks Baby Warming Audiences Hearts

Crying, yawning, and sleeping until the end of the photo shoot, the 4-month-old baby with chubby cheeks and sleepy eyes still melts viewers’ hearts.

Having a father who is passionate about newborn photography, little Đặng Hoàng Bảo Anh (affectionately known as Nala, 4 months old, from Lâm Đồng) has already amassed a collection of thousands of adorable photos since she was very young. The baby girl is also dressed in cute outfits and accessories for every photoshoot.

Recently, the whole family had the opportunity to go to a flower hill in Lộc Quảng commune,ny Bảo Lâm district to take photos in preparation for the upcoming new year.ny

Nala appeared in a white dress with a matching hat, showcasing her chubby hands, feet, and round cheeks. However, when sharing the photos of their daughter amidst the blooming flowers, people were particularly drawn to the funny expressions of the little one.ny

Little Nala had viewers in fits of laughter with a series of photos where her father kept capturing her while she yawned and slept.

The petite little girl displayed incredibly dramatic expressions while yawning, crying, and sleeping. Despite some seemingly dissatisfied expressions, Nala still managed to make the viewers swoon with her incredibly adorable moments.ny

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