Extraordinary Journey ! Premature Twins Share An Important Moment of Resilience

When little, the twins magically join hands for the first time in their lives. Although they soon became acquainted with each other, they had to interact with each other. This gave him strength. A thrilling tale of twins, a boy and a girl, who followed unthinking principles for nearly three months. He later moved to the Médecins Saintes in Monmouth, New Jersey with his comrades, Hayes and Guiney. The metamorphosis of youth in the world also comes with many sensitivities.

When I first met him, he had a huge number of people who wanted to cook delicious dishes for us. He examines Hazel’s intestines, which are abnormal because they are not working properly. Then they came to know that he had to commit suicide due to the hole in his body. it is fatal; All I want is for him to lie, said the child’s mother. Recently died and was shifted to a different hospital, where he was not cured.

The twins were perfectly healthy at birth and weighed around 900 grams each. For them, each day of life is a success.Fortunately, his health began to improve and within a month, the twins were joined together. Then, the baby gave everyone an emotionally surprising moment when mom held her for the first time.A month after their separation, twins Hae and Gunye held hands on their wedding day, and the moment was amazing.

“The moment they joined hands, I felt very happy and it was as if I realized that I am a mother of twins. It was the first time I got a chance to hug any of them. When I saw them touching each other’s hands, I could feel the strength that existed between them. I know this will give them the strength to escape safely,” Amanda said.Little Güne was the first to go to the hospital, but her sister spent some time there and was fed a lot.

The mother of the children is working with one eye while working with the other eye. She’s out of prison to give her young son a home, but she can’t help thinking about Hazel, who’s still in the hospital. Bauni Haye was also released from the hospital after 103 days and is thought to return home to his family.

Knowing that he will have not one, but two, his suɾρɾise is no small. There was little change in the state of the pregnancy until the 27th week, when Amanda’s health began to deteriorate. She was informed by the doctors that she would require a hospital stay due to high blood pressure.At 30 weeks pregnant, Amanda went into labor, and was then taken into oosetting surgery for a C-section.

In spite of the difficulties, the unfortunate families defied all danger for their families while they waited for so long. They’re less aloof than kids their age, but they’re little companions and little villains, and we enjoy having them every day,” Amanda said.

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