The Boy With Skin Like Snake Shocked Everyone : Born Diffrent (Video)

Sometimes it seems like we just can’t get a break. When that happens, we become overwhelmed. This makes us more at risk of quitting on our dreams and goals. Everyone feels like quitting. At some point.

It can be tempting to get under the blanket and completely ignore everyone. It happens to the best of us, but know that this escape is merely temporary. Quitting won’t make the challenges go away. The only way to truly handle our challenges is by facing them head on, and that requires a powerful, pure burning motivation to take action despite this setbacks.

Born Diffrent

He’s called kamehameha, his slurry by slurry turning into a tree. This extreme, rare condition is also known as treatment condition. It’s a skin disorder associated with a high risk of skin cancer. The boy has been suffering from this condition ever since the day was born up to this present day. He is now 11 years old.

Knowing that he never trusts to have such a skin deformity breaks his heart. But he’s confident enough that one day he’ll be okay. The young man says he no longer goes to school as the mother failed to pay his coffees, as the mother had tried her best and paid fees since nursery. But after losing her job she could not afford pink’s coffees anymore, which is the reason the boy is not going to school these days.

Failure to go to school means failure to accomplish the boy’s dreams, as he always dreamed bigger. After the birth of the boy, doctors had to transfer him to a more advanced hospital so as to treat the skin disorder. They treat their best, but the boy’s skin condition never got healed. Their mother never gave up, as she always fought, taking the boy to different hospitals, but no medicine was ever available to treat the boy’s skin abnormality.

As a single parent who had to cover rent Pasco fees and keep on taking the boat to hospitals, time came and she failed. Skin deformity and school fees tops the list. Setbacks can seem almost hostile in nature.It can be hard enough to organize our thoughts on a normal day and even harder to find the energy to solve our problems when the going gets tough. Sometimes we would rather simply go to bed and close our eyes to our problems. One of the major challenge she ever faced was taking the boy to school and instead of treating the boy better.

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